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These video games were made mainly for Game jam.

Several artists have collaborated to make these indie games possible. I would like to thank them for the mutual aid during difficult phases and all the good times spent together.

sanctum indie game tetra arts


SANCTUM was made in 72h for the GameDevPartie#16 on the theme EVASION, we just tried to finish it in one week to make it presentable.
SANCTUM is an escape game
Trapped in the Sanctum you will have to solve these puzzles to escape.
By Cissou (Visuals), Fax (Dev), Tetra Arts (Visuals, Dev).
(Thanks to Blast for Belt sound)

jingle bells indie game tetra arts

Jingle Bells

– In Jingle Bells you play as a Santa Claus elf in charge of placing Christmas gifts at the foot of the tree.
Jingle Bells is a puzzle game
By Cissou (visuals), Tetra Arts (Dev).

temple rider indie game tetra arts

Temple Raider

– This game was made for a Game Jam on the theme of the very famous Tomb Raider.
-Temple rider is an adventure / puzzle game.
By Tetra Arts

another story indie game tetra arts

Another Story

Another story was made during the Construct french game jam 7
Another story is a mix of references and humor featuring a boy who will live an adventure through his father’s story, before bed.
-A point n click inspired by classics.
By Xor (Visuals), Kayupla (Sound design), Tetra Arts (Dev)

stellar lighter indie game tetra arts


-For this jam I went with a somewhat contemplative style in the manner of Abzu/Journey, the game was finished with an ax but happy to have come to the end 🙂
StellarLighter is a contemplative style
By Tetra Arts

clair de lune indie game tetra arts

Clair De Lune

Clair De Lune is a small platformer in which you play as a little girl lost in the forest…
By Cissou (visuals), Tetra Arts (Dev).
(Thanks to Nealan for his help)

robot indie game tetra arts


Robot is a platformer game die and retry, that makes you want to break its controller 🙂
You have to kill all the enemies to open the portal of the next level
I m sorry but i did not have the courage to do the last level !!!
I put it here anyway^^
By Tetra arts

run lifeless indie game tetra arts

Run Lifeless

Run Lifeless created for the Game Jam F episode 9.
-The theme was: LODE RUNNER.
By Tetra Arts

cards arena 3d indie game tetra arts

Cards Arena 3d


I made this little prototype for a contest. 
– The theme was : Card game.
By Tetra Arts

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